Argax Project

Demeter: Blood in the Sky

A screen shot of Demeter in the Zag interpretter.

Click here to play the game now with Java Web Start

Stage of Development: Closed.

Architecture: Marlinspike / Inform 6 (interactive fiction).

Overview: Set in an alternate 1923, the passengers of a trans-Atlantic Zeppelin flight wake to find the crew slain and something loose in the airship above them.

To play the game:
The easiest option is to click the box to the right and start the game from your browser using Java's Web Start technology. This will run the game using a version of the Zag interpreter. If you have questions about the resulting security query from Java, see:

On the other hand, you can download only the game file: Demeter.ulx.

But you will then need to download and install your favorite Glulx interpreter to play the game. (My personal favorite is Gargoyle.)

Demeter is a prototype game to demonstrate and evaluate the Marlinspike drama manager as part of my PhD dissertation. It is a fairly simple horror story, though it still took 2 years to develop.

More information about how Demeter works is available on the Marlinspike page. The Inform source code is also available there.