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Homework Submission and Grading Policies


Please email your homework to Send me the source code only (not the compiled .class files). Attach the .java files to the email. I prefer that you do not zip them.

In the subject line of the email, be sure to list the section (Stelovsky) and the assignment number. Your subject line should look something like this: Assignment 2 (Stelovsky).

Optional added protections: send from your account, also paste the code into the body of the email, and CC yourself to be sure the message goes through the system correctly.

Late and Early Submission

Assignments are due at 1:59pm, uhunix time, on the date due. Late submissions will not be accepted. This is a harsh policy, so you may want to submit your assignments the night before they are due.

You can resubmit an assignment at any time before it is due. Be warned that I will only look at the last version you submit though.

In order to give you time to resubmit, I can't start grading until after the assignment due date. However, if you add the word "final" to your submission's subject line, I will grade it as soon as I have the time. However, once I've started grading a "final" assignment, you cannot resubmit it.


You should do your best to debug your own code. However, if you're still stuck after half an hour of working on it, you can email me about it. Include the error message or other output you are getting, as well as the source code containing the bug.

As I get a lot of submission emails, if you are writing me about to ask something related to an assignment, you might want to put the word "question" in the subject line I'll be sure to read it right away.

Development Platform

You may use the IDE of your choice when writing your code.

No Collaboration

Unless stated otherwise, you are expected to write your own code for each assignment.

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