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Mobius strip

Assignment 0a


Complete some basic lab administration before we can start the term.


1) You need to select a 2-digit number to use as your anonymous key for posting your grades online. (I will explain this more in lab.) You can either choose to use the last 2 digits of your new ICS111 lab account username OR else pick a number between 41 and 99, inclusive. Numbers 41-99 are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2) You need a password to upload your smaller assignments for grading. (Your username will be the same as your UH username.)

What to Submit

Send me an email containing your two-digit number and your password. Please follow the submission policies regarding emailing homework (ie, identify what assignment and section you're submitting for, etc.).

Grading [2 points]

1 point: 2-digit number
1 point: password

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