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Studio Format


Engage in semi-structured software inspection of the code produced by members of your group.


Individual review [at home, before lab]

I will divide you into groups of about 4 members each. After the final submission cut-off for the assignment to be reviewed, you will receive an email containing the code of everyone in your group. (So you will usually receive this email on Friday or early Saturday.)

You should individually examine the code of the other members in your group, spending 10 to 15 minutes on each program. For each program, fill out a copy of this Individual Inspection sheet. (I will provide the necessary copies of this document in the lab that comes before the studio lab; however, if you were not present to receive a form, you will have to print your own.)

You do not need to review your own code. Make note of which group you're in (specified in the subject line of the email you received). Bring your completed individual inspections to the studio lab.

Group review [in lab]

During the studio, you will meet together with your other group members and review the same programs as a group. There are two main roles in this process: Author and Reviewer.

The Author briefly presents (1 to 2 minutes) her code to the group. She should point out any known errors or any elements or features she is proud of. The Author then sits back and quietly observes the inspection process. If the reviewers have any questions, they may ask the author for clarification.

All other members of the group play the role of Reviewer, examining and providing feedback on the Author's code. One Reviewer also fills the role of the Recorder by recording the group's comments and conclusions on the Group Inspection sheet. (I will provide copies of this document in lab.)

The group should go through the Group Inspection sheet, answering each question as a group. To do this, they should present their individual reviews and comments to the group and discuss any variations in ratings until the group agrees on a rating. The group should inspect the code or run the program together, as necessary.

Once the inspection is complete, the Author may ask any questions she has regarding the review.

During the studio, you should play each role at least once in a different review: Author, Reader, and general Reviewer.

What to submit

Turn in all your Individual Inspection sheets and your Group Inspection sheets to me before you leave lab. For those Authors that want a copy, I can photocopy the Group Inspection review sheet regarding their code.

Based on your group's feedback, you may then resubmit the assignment. I will then average your grade for the resubmission with that of your original submission.

Grading [3 points]

You must be present in lab to receive any points for the studio session. (If you can't make it, you need to let me know before lab starts--the earlier the better.)

2 - Individual Inspection sheets
You completed an Individual Inspection sheet for each other person in your group before coming to lab.
1 - Group Review sheet
You adequately participated in the group review and filled the Recorder role at least once (if possible).

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