Assignment 00a


Complete some basic lab administration before we can start the term.


1) You need to select a 2-digit number to use as your anonymous key for posting your grades online. (I will explain this more in lab.) You can either choose to use the last 2 digits of your new ICS111 lab account username OR pick a number between 41 and 99, inclusive. Numbers 41-99 are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2) You need a password to submit your assignments to Tamarin for grading. (Your Tamarin username will be the same as your UH username.)

What to Submit

Send an email to your TA containing your two-digit number and your password. Please follow any submission policies regarding emailing homework (ie, identify what assignment you're submitting for, etc.).

Grading [1 point]

0.5 point: 2-digit number
0.5 point: password