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Assignment 1

The Assignment


You may write your own program or do the TicTacToe example. Original programs can earn up to 5% extra credit if done well.

Since you may have questions on what I am looking for, I have been more detailed in the Grading section below than I will be normally.


This assignment will be out of 10 points. You will get points for the following:

3 - Your program compiles without error
1 - Specifications
Clearly state what your program does in general--how it gets input, how it processes data, and how it displays the output. In short, I should be able to understand what your program does without looking at the code or the assignment webpage. (This can be part of your class documentation or in a seperate text file.) Your program should then actually implement those specifications.
1.5 - Good documentation
See this note on documenting your code.
0.5 - Follows ICS coding standards
Use descriptive variable names, use internal capitalization for names, consistently indent and space code, etc.
1 - Error handling
Every time you ask for input from a user your program should gracefully handle incorrect input. This means dealing with characters when you asked for numbers, checking that the given input file really exists, etc. Your program should never bomb with a runtime stack dump or exit silently in the middle of the program. You should always tell your user what went wrong (to the best of your knowledge).
2 - Uses arrays, loops, multiple classes, and file or user I/O
As it states in the assignment specs, your first assignment needs to include at least these Java elements.
1 - Program correctness
Does your program actually do what you programmed it to?

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