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Assignment 3

The Assignment


By "accessor methods" below, I mean a get and a set method for each of your object's variables/data fields.

For Transcript, you can either extend a class (such as ListArrayBased) that implements ADT List, or you can yourself implement the interface ADT List.

You may want to build additional ADTs as well, such as GradedCourse that extends Course and adds grade info.


This assignment will be out of 10 points. You will get points for the following:

3 - Your program compiles without error
1.5 - Good documentation and follows ICS Java Coding Standards.
See this note on documenting your code. Use descriptive variable names, use internal capitalization for names, consistently indent and space code, etc.
1.0 - Course ADT
Has the 5 required data fields with working accessor methods.
1.5 - Transcript ADT
Includes grade info for each class, term info for the whole transcript, and implements the List ADT from the book.
1.5 - Triangle ADT
Records at least the length of the 3 sides. Should also include 2 constructors (one a default), accessor methods, a method to compute the area, and a method to determine the type of triangle (right, equilateral, or isosceles).
1.5 - Testing
In your main method for each class, write a test plan for that class. Call each method at least once to demonstrate that they all work correctly. Print the steps you follow to the screen.

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