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ICS 313: Programming Language Theory
(Dr. David Chin)


  • There have been a few incidents lately of people sharing code. Dr. Chin's assignment policy is that you should do your assignments individually. (You can share ideas, but not code.)
  • More importantly, there have been cases of people submitting code from external sources, such as other places on the web. You may want to read these UH definitions of acedemic honesty, plagiarism, etc. so you know what to watch out for.
  • When you turn in your assignment, I do not reply by default. I put it in a folder to grade later, and I only grade the last version that you send me. If you would like to receive a reply verifying that I got your submission, just add a line to that effect to your message--something like, "Let me know when you get this." or "Please verify my assignment submission."

Assignment Grading

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