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Assignment 2

The objective of this assignment is to give you some practice in data modeling.

Due: 11 Mar 2003

For the next few assignments, we will be building a database for a small online store named SnarkDreams Shisha Exports. The store sells hookahs (Arabian waterpipes), shisha (the flavored tobacco smoked in a hookah), and coals. A description of the user needs and current business forms is here at User Needs.

For this assignment, use the user needs description to create three data models:

Entity-Relation model
Remember to include attributes. Use the "ENTITY Contains" notation (see Figure 3-6(b) in the book for an example). You can list attributes directly under the entity box or you can list all attributes together at the bottom of the model. Note which attributes are identfifiers. Include both minimum and maximum cardinalities.
OOP constructs--such as methods, visibility of attributes (+,#, or -), or class attributes--are not required, though you may use them if you feel there is a need.
Semantic Object model
Only the object diagrams are required (as shown in figure 4-13). You do not need to give the full object specification tables (as shown in figure 4-14).

Be sure your diagrams are in an accessible, cross-platform format, such as HTML, GIF or JPEG images, or PDF. Microsoft Word or PowerPoint documents are also acceptable, though not as preferred. Printed or written paper documents are very cool as they are more convenient to grade; you can give them to me in class or at my office.

If you need some general modeling/flowcharting software, I recommend RFFlow. It is very powerful and flexible. You can save charts in a number of formats, including GIF. The demo is fully-functional except that charts are limited in size. You can get around this restriction if you care to save pieces of your diagram and paste them together in an image-manipulation program.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Questions & Answers

Can I really submit this assignment written out on paper?
Yes, that's perfectly fine. Just write neatly.


This assignment is worth 15 points.

  • 1 point for putting your name and email address on it
  • 2 points if I can open it and read it.
  • 4 points for each model based on:
    --coherence (generated logical entities and relationships)
    --completeness (included all attributes)
    --correct data model notation
    --clarity and appearance


SnarkDreams Data Models

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