E01: CodingBat Java Problems


Complete as many CodingBat Java problems as you can.


Create an account at codingbat.com/java. It would make our life easier if you use your hawaii.edu address, so we can see your UH username. However, if you really want to, you can use a different email address so long as you also include your full name.

Go up to the prefs link and Teacher Share with each of these addresses:

You can also share to your own address. If you do this, you can go to the report page and see an overview of the data that we will see for you.

Then complete as many of the problems as you can. A problem is complete when you get a green check mark for it. Because this practice will do you more good the earlier you do it, you get more points the more problems you complete early. (See Grading, below.) I recommend you start with the Logic sections.

Grading (up to +150 points)

You will get 1 point of extra credit for every 3 green check marks you get. (This is also roughly how gold stars are calculated.) You will not get any points for problems in the two Warmup categories, though, since these all have solutions provided.

Also, codingbat does not ensure that you really used recursion for the recursion problems. (That is, it is possible to solve these using loops/iteration instead.) We will spot check some of your recursion solutions. If any of them do not really use recursion, you will not get credit for any the recursion problems.

We will score and record your progress twice during the semester: 2 days after the first midterm exam and then again 2 days after the last midterm. Your total score will be the sum of each of these 2 scores. Thus, problems you do during the first third of the semester will effectively give you double points.

For example, say you do 40 problems before the first exam. This would give you 40 / 3 = 13 points at the first scoring. You then do 20 more problems before the third exam, for a total of 60 problems completed. This gives you 60 / 3 = 20 points at the second scoring. Your total EC for EC01 would then be 13 + 20 = 33 EC points.

The final deadline for this EC is 2 days after the 3rd exam.