Old News

12 May 2013
You can now see an overview of the final exam results and course grades.

The grades are now all in Laulima, though I'm still checking with the TAs that all the scores we have are correct. Once we're sure we have the final grades, I'll send out an email.

06 May 2013
The final and its solutions are now in Laulima under Resources.
05 May 2013
eCafe results: 51 students completed the course evaluation, so everyone will get +5 EC to their quiz score. This is basically a free quiz. I will update your grades when I upload the final exam and end-of-term lab scores.

Speaking of quizzes: For those of you that missed the last few quizzes, the solutions are now available in Laulima under Resources. (Sorry for the last posting on those.)

29 Apr 2013
A11 now includes a design solution. I want you to think about the design on your own, since that is an essential part of programming. However, I also want you to realize the power of maps and sets. This is a compromise: think about your solution first, but then check if maybe there is a better solution before you start implementing it.

Laulima grades updated. Your Laulima grade now includes your tentative HW grade through A10, excluding A07. (Not all A07 GUIs are graded yet in all sections, and Tamarin did not provide a tentative grade for that one.) It does NOT include any of your lab or codingbat EC yet, so, if you have any of that, your lab score will likely increase.

26 Apr 2013
A10 has been extended by 2 days.
24 Apr 2013
Exam 3 grades are now posted in Laulima.

I will update the tentative HW score and EC in Laulima early next week after the A10s are submitted. This info might help you decide whether you want to take the final exam or not (since your lowest exam score will be dropped).

23 Apr 2013
eCafe course evaulation is now open. For every 10 people that complete the eCafe evaluation for this course, I'll give everyone in the class 1 point of extra credit applied to your quiz total. eCafe closes 02 May. (As of 26 Apr: 27 submissions.)
15 Apr 2013
Exam 3 and its solutions are now posted in Laulima under Resources
13 Apr 2013
ICS212: For Fall 2013, you might want to consider taking ICS212 at LCC (TR 1200-0115p) from William Albritton.
10 Apr 2013
For those that missed Quiz 09 or 10, a copy can be found in Laulima under Resources.
08 Apr 2013
Sorting practice: Performance on Quiz 09 was lower than normal, and I've been asked for some extra sorting problems to prepare for the exam. Try these. Once you've given them your best shot, here are the solutions.
22 Mar 2013
Have a good spring break!
20 Mar 2013
So you physically worked through some sorts in Wednesday lab. Here's most of the same sorts performed in folk-dance style.

Exam 2 grades are finally in Laulima.

On Friday, bring your A07 code to lab. You'll get a chance to have others play your game (even if it's not done yet) and get some feedback before submitting it.

11 Mar 2013
Quiz 08 solution is posted.

Exam 2 and its solutions are now in Laulima under Resources.

06 Mar 2013
Quizzes: If you took the quizzes, you should be able to review the answers in Laulima. However, if you missed a quiz and can't review it, you can now find the solutions in Laulima under Resources. Quiz 07 solution code is here.
05 Mar 2013
Current grades posted: Your grade in Laulima should now reflect your current standing. Your assignment grades still include some tentative scores. Your EC1/CodingBat extra credit points are shown but not included in your grade total yet. That may later help your assignment average go up by a few percentage points. However, the exam average on later exams is traditionally lower than on the first exam, so that may bring your average down a bit. To anyone that has stopped turning in homeworks: you should consider withdrawing from the course.
02 Mar 2013
Withdraw date: The last day to withdraw from courses is 08 Mar. I asked in lecture if it would be okay to move Exam 2 to before the withdraw date (as I originally intended to have it), but the vote went to keeping it where it is now. If you're considering a withdrawal, I won't be available Thursday or Friday this week to sign any withdraw forms. Either get my signature by Wednesday afternoon, or else you can go to Gerald Lau (POST303A) or the ICS office (POST 317) for a signature.
25 Feb 2013
Code review in lab: On Wednesday (27 Feb), we're going to have a code review exercise for A05a. We formed groups in lab on Friday (22 Feb). The submitted JAR files were posted Monday (25 Feb) morning. The code review process (part of which needs to be completed before lab) is posted here.

PyramidStack: If you don't trust your A05a, see the first FAQ on A05b for a working PyramidStack.class you can use instead of yours.

21 Feb 2013
Code review in lab: On Wednesday (27 Feb), we're going to have a code review exercise for A05a. We'll form groups in lab on Friday (22 Feb) so you know whose code you'll be reviewing. We'll post all the submitted JAR files on Monday (25 Feb). Check back here on Monday for more details of what you need to do for the review before Wednesday's lab.
19 Feb 2013
A05a extended by 2 days. Note that A05b's deadline has not been extended, though.
15 Feb 2013
Monday holiday: Have a good long weekend!
Note that Quiz 06 is due before we meet again on Wednesday.
12 Feb 2013
A04 reminder: The Direction enum is provided for you, and Tamarin already has a copy of it. So you do no need to include the Direction enum in your submission. In particular, do not include it as a nested class or your methods will effectively return an ArrayList<UsernameA04.Direction>s, which is not the same as a ArrayList<Direction>.

Exam 1: Grades are now posted in Laulima.

04 Feb 2013
Exam 1 and solutions have been posted in Laulima. It will take me at least 1 week to grade Exam 1 and return it to you.
30 Jan 2013
I posted a copy of last semester's Exam 1 in Laulima under Resources. This should give you a good sense of the format and likely content of the coming exam. This semester's exam will have different questions and will probably be one or two questions longer.

Sorry I didn't get to the enum slides today (Wed). We'll cover them next Wed.

17 Jan 2013
Labs: Registration is now closed, so you can no longer officially switch lab sections. Please submit your homework to the Tamarin and TA of the section in which you are officially registered. However, you are welcome to attend the lab section of your choice (provided there is room for you there). The two TAs have different teaching styles, so you may find one to be a better fit for your preferred learning style.
16 Jan 2013
During this semester, whenever you see a "Tamarin not ready yet" message next to an assignment, it means the grader is not yet in place on Tamarin. You can work on the assignment, but you won't be able to submit it to Tamarin until that message disappears.
14 Jan 2013
The due dates given below are now the final due dates, not just the suggested dates. Those in gray you should already have done at this point.
06 Jan 2013
Welcome to the course!

The last day to add a course is 16 Jan. For that reason, nothing is officially due until after the 16th. However, recommended deadlines are given in italics. Follow these recommended deadlines so you don't fall behind during the first 2 weeks of the course.