Argax Project

Architecture: Eudaemon

Activity: 2006 - 2007

Stage of Development: Design completed.

Overview: The Eudaemon system is built on the functions of Vladimir Propp. The basic idea is to build a story piece-by-piece in the order described by Propp. Each story piece is called a scene. All the possible scenes that fill the next function wait in anticipation, each ready to fire on a particular player action or when the player enters a certain location. This behavior makes a scene a little like a daemon (as defined in computer science). Yet all these little scene "daemons" are managed by a central drama manager. This gave rise to the name, as a eudaemon is a benevolent or guiding divine spirit, leading one to a good fortune.

The detailed design sketch of Eudaemon--which was to power the game Wharf--proved to be too restrictive. It looked to be a successful interactive drama, but didn't provide quite the freedom and degree of user agency I was looking for.