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Course work for my post-doctoral Masters degree in Computer Science:

[Fall 2011]
[Spring 2012]
[Fall 2012]
[Spring 2013]

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Portfolio of MS Work

Fall 2011:

ICS 613: Advanced Software Engineering
  • Started a Professional Portfolio and Coding Blog.
  • Learned to use Eclipse, Ant, Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs, SVN, and Jenkins on a number of small week-long projects.
  • Worked with Robocode and WattDepot APIs.
  • Practiced code inspections and issue-driven project management in two group coding projects (jz and grads).
ICS 699-6: Algorithms+
  • Completed 10 short homeworks and 4 exams.
  • Implemented 4 different DynamicSet subclasses using a doubly-linked list, a skip list, a binary search tree, and red-black tree and evaluated their performance differences. (Project 1)
  • Implemented 4 different sort algorithms--insertion, heap, merge, and quick--and evaluated their performance differences. (Extra Credit 1)
  • Designed and implemented a Graph ADT. (Project 2)
  • Using my Graph ADT, implemented 4 all-pairs shortest paths algorithms--Floyd-Warshall, iterated Dijkstra's, iterated Bellman-Ford, and Johnson's--and evaluated their performance differences. (Extra Credit 2)
  • Using my Graph ADT, implemented an edge-based community detection algorithm. (Project 3)
  • Designed and implemented a Scrabble game solver. (Project 4)

Spring 2012:

ICS 641: Advanced Theory of Computation
ICS 667: HCI Design Methods
  • Completed an interaction design through the evaluation of a paper prototype for an interactive fiction interface named Skald.

Fall 2012:

ICS 661: Advanced Artificial Intelligence [Focus: Natural Language Processing]
  • Completed 13 quizzes and 2 exams.
  • Implemented a script that uses the frequencies of unique words in two texts by different known authors to predict the author of a third text. Explored the effects of different levels of Laplace smoothing. (Assignment 1)
  • Trained a bi-gram Hidden Markov Model to tag parts-of-speech in a given corpus and then compared the results to human tagging. (Assignment 2)
  • Implemented a script to convert a given Context-Free Grammar into Chomsky Normal Form. (Assignment 3)
  • Implemented a CKY parser that shows all possible parses of a given sentence according to a particular grammar in CNF. (Assignment 4)
  • Final Project: Building on previous work, developed A Formal Grammar for Toki Pona. (slides; source code)
ICS 699-024: Directed Research
  • Implemented essential functionality of Skald, a web-based interactive fiction interface.

Spring 2013:

ICS 690: Seminar
  • Weekly graduate-level ICS seminar (1 credit)
ICS 691-3: Serious Game Development with Python, Django, and Makahiki
ICS 699-26: Directed Research
  • Developed a TADS server plugin for Skald, a web-based interactive fiction interface.
  • Fleshed out Skald functionality.
  • Developed The Queen's Heart as a demo IF game.