I am a graduate of the Library and Information Science, Communications and Information Science, and Computer Science programs at the University of Hawaii.

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Portfolio of UH Coursework

Masters in Library and Information Science
  Fall 2000: LIS601, LIS605, LIS650, LIS679, ICS691
  Spring 2001: LIS610, LIS670, LIS677, LIS699
  Summer 2001: LIS693
  Fall 2001: LIS685, LIS699-1, LIS699-2, ICS211, ICS691-3

  Spring 2002: LING440, [ICS313]

PhD in Communications and Information Science

  Fall 2002: LING640, ICS667
  Spring 2003: ICS212, CIS701
  Fall 2003: ICS491-2, CIS703
  Spring 2004: ITM357, ICS651
  Fall 2004: ICS499-9, CIS702
  Spring 2005: LLEA270, ICS699-3
  Fall 2005: ICS699-2, ENG760J
  Spring 2006: ICS699-3, ENG394
  Fall 2006: ICS699-2, ICS699-6
  Spring 2007: ICS699-3
  Fall 2007: ICS699-2
  Spring 2008: CIS800-19
  Fall 2008: CIS800-23
  Spring 2009: CIS800-19
  Fall 2009: CIS800-23
  Spring 2010: CIS800-19
  Fall 2010: CIS800-23
  Spring 2011: CIS800-19
  Summer 2011: CIS800-803

Masters in Computer Science
  Fall 2011: ICS613, ICS699-6
  Spring 2012: ICS641, ICS667
  Fall 2012: ICS661, ICS699-24
  Spring 2013: ICS690, ICS691-3, ICS699-26


Other Resources:

Argax Project
  Developing new interactive drama systems (part of my PhD work)  

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