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Mobius strip

Assignment 1


Practice modeling objects by specifying three sample objects from a single domain.


Think of your favorite activity, e.g. cooking, eating, surfing, partying, or even dating. Let's model this activity!

List at least 3 objects that are involved in this activity. Each of these objects must be of different type - 3 cans of beer don't qualify because they have the same type. At least one of them should be a tangible object, at least one should represent a concept, and at least one should stand for a process.

For each of these objects, define a few properties. You can have more than 3 properties, but at least one property should be an attribute, one a component, and one an association. (These don't all need to present in each object.) Also, for each of these objects list some capabilities so that at least one is a command and another is a query. You will certainly find that some of these capabilities can be parameterize - list these parameters!

For each of these entities (objects, properties, capabilities, parameters) you have listed, find a nice Java-compliant name, and describe their purpose in one or two sentences. What is the type of the parameters and the results of queries? State it!

Now think of a non-trivial task which involves these objects and which you must regularly accomplish. List the messages that your objects send to each other so that the task gets accomplished! (The messages should correspond to the capabilities of your objects.)

What to Submit

Instead of a .java file, you will submit a simple document. I would prefer a .txt file, but .pdf or even .doc is okay.


Out of 10 points:

1 - Submission
Follows required submission policies.
6 - At least 3 objects defined
Objects should include one tangible thing, one process, and one concept. Each object should include properties and capabilities.
2 - Naming and description (documentation)
Be sure to designate which properties are attributes, components, and associations; similarly for capabilities.
1 - Task involving all objects
Including a description of messages sent between objects

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